The “THINGS” that changed history


Hello from Washington, D.C. I have officially been here for a week and am already in love with this beautiful and historic city.

My parents and brothers were awesome and woke up at 5a.m. to take me to the airport last Thursday.  Thankfully there was another BYU student on my flight and we were able to travel together all day.  I was in awe the moment I stepped foot off the plane.


On my 2nd day in Washington, we decided to walk the entire Mall. We ended our night at the Lincoln Memorial. Everyone with me was making fun of me for how excited I was to walk these well-known marble steps.  The best word to describe how I was feeling was bliss and a little bit giddy.  I love Abraham Lincoln.  I admire his service, his courage, and his respect for God and all the men around him.  I love reading about him and studying his words and actions.  A man I spoke to earlier this summer explain his experience in DC and at the Lincoln Memorial as a spiritual experience, one of tranquility and peace.  I can second that statement because this is exactly what I felt.  It was spiritual and it was a perfect way to start my semester here!  With the sunset hitting the monuments perfectly.


I literally could just walk the street that surround me.  I live about a mile from everything important in Washington.  The architecture is fascinated to me.  Each building is unique.  Old buildings from the early 1800’s are squeezed in between modern and sleek buildings recently constructed. I am also a pro already at riding the bus and taking the metro, just if you wanted to know.

This Tuesday I started my internship.  I get to work right next to the Capitol Building and go inside on a daily basis.  It is incredible and has some really rich history, which I’m currently trying to memorize so I can give tours.  Fun fact, the rotunda or dome on top of the Capitol weighs 9.8 million pounds.




I’ve been to a Nationals baseball game, visited the 9/11 memorial at the Pentagon (It was beautiful and really neat), watched a concert on the Capitol lawn for Labor day, and eaten a good variety of amazing (and pricey) food.  Things are good here. I am happy and just grateful to be able to live in this city and experience all it has to offer.  Hope y’all enjoy the pictures.  Here are some of my favorites.





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