The IMPORTANT things

There is a quote that I love and it says,

“Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize that they are the big things.”

  Looking back at my life I have been able to see countless times where someone I love dearly has served me in a simple way, where a kind word has meant the world to me and changed my attitude, or a new friendship has evolved into a life changing friend.  Honestly, this list could go on and on.  That is why I have decided to start this blog.  To share the little things in my life that have changed into BIG things.  To share the little things that might be small but touching to me in the moment, that one day I might be able to look back and see that they have become the BIG and IMPORTANT things. Plus, I’m going to be living in Washington D.C. for the next three months and can not wait to share all the little moments that I’m sure will literally change my perspective about life.

For my first post I only saw it fitting to share the MOST IMPORTANT things to me in my life.  They absolutely mean the world to me and each day I am reminded how incredibly blessed I am and how the Lord really is working miracles every single day in my life.Instasize_0711221658

My Family: Aren’t they a good looking group?! I adore all of them. To put it simply20160710_121436 – I love them.  We are all different (can’t you tell by our height? Dumb taller little brothers) but my life wouldn’t be the same without their support and guidance they give me.  Plus, we tease each other and laugh all the time.  Recently a lot has been going in the Cable home.

Alyssa, my younger sister, is serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Edmonton, Canada.  Through her I feel like I’m getting a little bit of my own mission back.  She inspires me as she is giving her time and her talents to the Lord and
to the people she is personally serving in Canada.

Katie and Jeff just made my parents – GRANDPARENTS! I am an AUNT! James fills our life with so much happiness and I’m not bias or anything but he is one of the cutest babies I know.  EveInstasize_0710225759n if he did look like a little alien when he was born.  He is already laughing and sitting up on his own. I hope you all get to meet him one day as I am excited each time I get to see him.

At the end of one of my journal entries back in May I wrote, “Life really is good right now.  I am happy and I feel very blessed.  I have a lot to work on and many things to improve on but I have faith in my Savior and know that as long as I am doing my best He will guide me and give me strength.”

I know it is because my family is the center of my life – life really is so good. They bless me in innumerable ways and most importantly they have taught me how to grow my faith in the Savior and understand how He guides my life each day.  With them no matter how hard life gets and will get I can still find that happiness and enjoy the LITTLE THINGS that MATTER MOST.


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